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Use this page to upload receipts, invoices, and miscellaneous related documents.  If you do not see the corresponding folders below, please check again later, as, your upload folders are being set up in the system. Once they have been set up, use the instructions below to properly upload your documents. [SKIP TO UPLOAD AREA]

    1. Check to see if your upload folders are present.  If so, continue.  If not, visit again later to check and see if your folders have been created.
    2. Click on the folder name of the corresponding document type below.
    3. Then click the [Upload] button once inside that folder. – This will launch a pop up with a [Browse] button to access files on your computer. 
    4. Click the [Browse] button to open the file explorer on your computer.
    5. Select the file you wish to upload and click [Open] to upload your document.
    6. If you wish to name the file in our system for reference, fill in the File Name field.
    7. If you wish to add notes for reference, fill in the Notes field.
    8. To complete this process, click the [Upload] button on the popup.
    9. You will then see the file inside the folder you selected.

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Jeffery Consultants - Maximizing Impact, Transforming Lives!

Maximizing Impact, Transforming Lives!

Thank you for uploading your file. You can now access your file in the folder you uploaded it to.

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